About the Filmmaker




Freddie Storm is an award-winning film producer and director. She has over five years of experience in the film and television industry and has worked on several Hollywood series including Supernatural, Falling Skies and Bates Motel.


'Circus of Dreams' produced and cinematographed by Freddie Storm won the best Music Video Award and Best Cinematography Award at Los Angeles Women's Film Festival in 2014.

She is credited for her work on many feature films such as Badge of Honor and World of Warcraft. Her independent productions include several music videos, commercials, short films and corporate projects. Her productions have premiered at internationally renowned theatres, including The Actor’s Company Theater, Los Angeles.


In 2015, Freddie started using Youtube as a medium for her short films. With the believe that internet must be used as one of the most powerful medium of distribution for new generation films, she created her first Youtube Channel for a India's biggest slam poetry organisation called 'Delhi Poetry Slam'. Her first Youtube film was viewed by more than 1.7 million people, the title of the film was Open Letter to Honey Singh and soon after Freddie achieved many similar successes with her other youtube films such as Dear Girl From Pakistan, The Peace Prize and From a Father to a Daughter .


Freddie is currently working on a reality show on spoken word that will be aired on TV later in 2016. Her feature length script based on the idea of reality and dreams is close to completion and will go in production in early 2017. This project is close to her heart and will also be her directorial debut in feature length format.